my birdies!!!!!

this page is all about my pet birds, who i love dearly!! i have owned birds for more than a decade, but these are the birds i've officially taken on as solely my own responsibility!


this is my little boy sequoia! sequoia is an unsexed (but assumed male) green cheek conure, and he has a huge personality!
i got him around october 2020 from a very kind lady who was rehoming him due to financial troubles- i still keep in touch with her from time to time with updates on how he's doing! sequoia is from a registered breeder here in ontario and is banded.

sequoia is a very talkative little guy, he picks up words like a sponge and is just so funny!! his current vocabulary consists of "hi/hey sequoia", "kiss yew", "come here!", "staawwp", "step up", "you're so cute!" (though he sometimes only says the cute part by itself, and very enthusiastically i should add lmao), "baby" often repeated three or so times, "baby boy", "good boy", the occasional "i love yew baby", and my lovebirds name "tidbit"!!

sometimes he gets rowdy when i leave the room to make a coffee/tea, so once he calms down (so i don't reinforce this shouting behavior by giving him what he wants when he does it), i'll occasionally reward him by bringing him out to the kitchen on my shoulder, and he often patiently watches me make my coffee/tea- it's very cute :") i should probably also note that sequoia is my only tame bird atm ... still working on the others!


this is tidbit!!! tidbit is a female fischer's lovebird, but i sometimes refer to her with he/him pronouns by habit because for a good 2 years or so, ever since i first got her, i was convinced she was a male! i only discovered she was a little girlie because she got particularly hormonal in the spring and started laying eggs!!!! the ongoing joke is that tidbit is trans (genderfluid specifically haha, figured it'd make the pronoun switching from time to time make more sense) bc she has the colors of the trans flag going on! i think it's super cute hehe

i got her as a gift from my mom shortly after my peach-faced lovebird passed in december 2018. please note that i don't support purchasing animals as unprompted gifts in the slightest!! animals are not objects, and you should really talk to the person you want to "gift" a pet to beforehand.

tidbit is untamed, and a primarily aggressive/territorial bird. this is unfortunately not uncommon with lovebirds as a species, their temperament can just be like that (hence why some people in the birdkeeping community refer to them as "hatebirds")! i just got the real short end of the stick in this case-- but i still love my little tidbit-bird so much regardless!!! i try to give her the best life i can possibly give and i respect her boundaries during out-of-cage time to prevent unnecessary stress. if she's up to interacting with me and taking some treats or toys from my hand, then sure- but otherwise i don't push it.

sometimes the odd person or two will suggest i should rehome tidbit as she's an aggressive bird, but tbh i feel like that'd put her quality of life in jeopardy- not a lot of people want an aggressive bird, and even if they do, they may not be experienced enough with bird care to provide what she needs. i definitely would not want her to be passed around from home to home- and regardless, i love her antics!! she is my baby.

lovebirds are not known for their talking ability in the slightest, but tidbit can actually say a few words and imitate noises!! she often shouts "hi/hey tidbiiit!", "hey tidbit-bird!", and various other remixes of those lmao- she can also imitate two types of sneezing- the onomatopoeia form (ah-choo!), and the actual irl noise itself. it's really funny!!! my special little girl :-)

work in progress!!! more birdies to be added if you're seeing this atm